Batch 2012 - 2014

Rec.No. Reseacher Guide Title
01 Kalola Darshana Nanjibhai Rathod Priyanshu Comparison of ICF with Whodas 2.0, LEFS and Indian Permanent Locomotor Disability Assessment Procedure
02 Kundariya Namrata Ravjibhai Trivedi Navjyot Physiotherapy in Breast Cancer Treated by Axillary Lymph node Dissection
03 Mehta Parita Bhaveshbhai Trivedi Navjyot Efficay of Therapeutic Protocol for Physiotherapy Management of Adhesive Capsulitis
04 Padmani Neeta Jayantilal Kant Ankur Effcts of Daily Adjusted Progressive Resisted Exercise on the Functional Outcomes in the Younger-Elderly Population
05 Parikh Henali Jagatbhai Syed Shahanawaz A Study To Know the Efficacy of Exercise Protocol in Patients With Vestibular Migraine
06 Ladani Monal Govindbhai Kant Ankur Effect Muscle Energy Technique for Pectoralis Minor in Patients With Frozen Shoulder.
07 Solanki Piyusha Rameshchandra Syed Shahanawaz To Find Efficacy of Patient Specific Functional Physiotherapeutic Approach in Brain Stroke Patients

Batch 2013 - 2015

Rec.No. Reseacher Guide Title
01 Modh Krutika H. Dr. Debnath Maushmi Effect of The Dynamic Pelvic Floor Exercises On Swiss Ball In Middle Aged Woman With Stress Urinary Incontinence
02 Damani Miral S. Dr. Rathod Priyanshu Efficacy Of Computer Based Pediatric Screening
03 Vansdadia Rucha N. Dr. Khant Ankur Efficacy Of Plymetric Tranning In Football Players
04 Mashrani Namrata K. Dr. Debnath Maushmi A Study To Evaluate The Of Breast Massage And Therapeutic Ultrasound On Symptomatic Post Partum Breast Engorgement
05 Dholakiya Hetal Dr. Khant Ankur Effectiveness Of Senobi Breathing Exercise In Old Age Population
06 Popat Pooja Dr. Debnath Maushmi Effect Of Aerobic On Exercise Executive Function In Parkinson Disease
07 Raithatha Krupa K. Dr. Khant Ankur Effectiveness Of Scapular Muscle Strengthening In Management Of Lateral Epicondylalgia
08 Sonar Chandani S. Dr. Khant Ankur Efficacy Of The Basic Pilates Exercise On Balance In Elderly Individuals
09 Hadvani Roshni Kantilal Dr. Rathod Priyanshu Computer Based Developmental Pediatric
10 Pandya Maitrey S. Dr. Rathod Priyanshu Nurophysiological Chances In Person With Insulin and non Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
11 Juneja Lubbna K. Dr. Debnath Maushmi Effects of Propriceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Versus Task Oriented Tranning to Trunk Control In Hemiparetic Patients
12 Nathvani Namrata V. Dr. Debnath Maushmi A Study To Evaluate The Efficacy of “STRUCTURED EXERCISES PROGRAMME” On Post-Operative Abdominal Hysterectomy
13 Bhanderi Purvi P. Dr. Debnath Maushmi Effect Of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching Verses Myofacial Release On Spasticity Of Upper Muscles In Hemiparetic Patients

Batch 2014 - 2016

Rec.No. Reseacher Guide Title
01 Rutu Bhalara Dr. Rathod Priyanshu Physiotherapy Management in Traffic Police
02 Rima Jani Dr. Rathod Priyanshu Innovative "RK Walker"
03 Parsania Chandani Bhanubhai Dr. Parekh Ankur Evaluation of efficacy of staged core strengthening approach over conventional core strengthening exercises in Non specific low back pain- A Randomized Controlled Trial

Batch 2017 - 2019

Rec.No. Reseacher Guide Title
01 Ami Vinodkumar Vyas Dr. Shweta Rakholiya
To find effect of therapeutic massage of hand and foot in releiving pain in caesarean section patients
02 Virali N. Bhansali Dr. Shweta Rakholiya
Dr. Chirag Magdani (Co-Guide)
To compare the effectiveness of muscle energy technique (MET) versus manipulation therapy in sacroiliac joint dysfuction patients: A comparative study
03 Jaydev Anilkumar Pandya Dr. Krupa Tank A coparative study between dynamic soft tissue mobilization (DSTM) and bowen technique with retro-walking on hamstring flexiblity and dynamic balance in young collegiate students
04 Sohil Yunusbhai Shah Dr. Shweta Rakholiya Effects of quadriceps combined with abductor strengthening verses quadriceps combined with hamstring strengthening in treating knee osteoarthritis
05 Swati Subhashbhai Dhrangu Dr. Amit Sharma Effectiveness of back school exercise versus yogasana among school teachers with chronic low back pain: A randomized controlled trial
06 Avanee Dipakbhai Vajar Dr. Shweta Rakholiya To compare the effect of scapular stability exercise versus scapular propioceptive neuromuscular facilitation on function of paretic upper extremity of stroke patients
07 Mohindrasingh Varma Dr. Amit Sharma The effect of core stability with lower limb strength training on biomotor abilities among badminton players: A randomized control trial
08 Hitesh Kanabhai Modhavadiya Dr. Badri Vishal Effect of crossover step training vs split squat training on vertical jump and agility in volleyball players: A comparative study
09 Ankita Maheshbahi Chauhan Dr. Badri Vishal A study to compare the effects of intrinsic versus extrinsic foot muscle strengthening exercises on foot posturul deviations in kathak dancers: A comparative study
10 Hitiksha Rasik Dedania Dr. Shweta Rakholiya To compare the effect of drawing in maneuver (deep abdominals) exercises versus core strengthening (superfical abdominals) exercises on primary dysmenorrhea
11 Roshaniben Satishlal Patel Dr. Amit Sharma Effect of strength training on performance of young competitive swimmers- A randomized control trial
12 Surabhi Mahendrakumar Gaur Dr. Anushree Gajjar
Dr. Priyanshu Rathod (Co-Guide)
Dr. Ankur Khant (Co-Guide )
A comparative study on the efficacy of endurance and resistance training on ankle brachial index(ABI) and quality of life in the traffic police officers
13 Rachana Rajeshkumar Jani Dr. Krupa Tank Immediate effect of dynamic cupping on pain in teachers with mechanical neck pain: An experimental study
14 Ushma Rameshbhai Prajapati Dr. Amit Sharma Remote factor focused intervention with knee factor focused intervention is more effective than knee focused intervention in patellofemoral pain syndrome
15 Janya Rameshbhai Viramgama Dr. Badri Vishal Effects of virtual reality exercises on simple reaction time and fall risk among parkinson's disease patients: A comparative study
16 Riddhi Rameshbhai Vikani Dr. Badri Vishal Cross cultural adaptation, reliability and validity of gujrati version of short sensory profile (SSP-G) among parents of typically developing children aged 3-10 years: A correlation study
17 Arjun Arvindbhai Patel Dr. Krupa Tank Cross-cultural translation, reliability and validity of gujrati version of the "Lysholm knee scoring scale" (G-LKS) in acl and meniscus injury" : A correlational study
18 Kruti Jayeshbhai Desai Dr. Priyanshu Rathod The impact of telehealth on effective delivery of home based exercise program (HBEP) in neuromuscular rehabilitation: Randomized control trial
19 Vaibhav Chandrakant Dave Dr. Amit Sharma Effect of Stretching, eccentric strengthening and neural slider on bio-motor ability of footballers with hamstring tightness: A randomized control trial