The course is of four and half year duration including six months of Internship. After the completion of this course the RK University awards a degree of Bachelor of Physiotherapy. The primary focus of the course is to provide an integrated curriculum that combines didactic and clinical study to prepare students for the practice of physiotherapy. The fee for the course may be revised as and when applicable. In its endeavor to achieve this objective and to provide quality education, the institute has a highly qualified and experienced full time academic and clinical faculty. Physiotherapy is a health care profession that addresses all aspects of working with disabilities using manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and the applications of electro physical modalities. The physiotherapist plays a very important role in returning the patient to functional independence and restoration of normal life style. Physiotherapy is a rehabilitative science and enables a graduate to establish a physical diagnosis and determines the patient’s movement potential and thus devises a treatment program. This course is affiliated to RK University and recognized by Indian Association of Physiotherapist (IAP).


PSOs 1: To Prepare Graduates Who Will Understand and Practice clinic,Hospital,Government and Non-government Organization,Academic,Research Institute and Entrepreneurial Pursuit.

PSOs 2: To Prepare Graduates Who will Contribute to Society as Broadly Educated,Expressive Ethical and Responsible Citizens With Proven Expertise in Health Care Need of the Society for Promotion, Prevention and Cure Of Various Disease and Disorder.

PSOs 3: To Process Quality of Critical Thinking,Hand on Skills,Clinical Reasoning and Evidence /Outcome Based practice to Improve Quality of Care(QOC)and Quality of Life(QOL) of Every Individual.

PSOs 4: To Prepare Graduates Who Will Achieve Peer-Recognition as an Individua or in a Team, Through Demonstrative of Good Clinical Analytic Assessment and Management statergies in various Diseases and Disorders in Field of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation science

PSOs 5: To Prepare Graduates Who Will Thrive to Pursue Lifelong Learning to Fulfil Their Goals in Ever Changing Health Care Industries.

Semester 1

   BPT Sem-1 Syllabus

Semester 2

   BPT Sem-2 Syllabus

Semester 3

   BPT Sem-3 Syllabus

Semester 4

   BPT Sem-4 Syllabus

Semester 5

   BPT Sem-5 Syllabus

Semester 6

   BPT Sem-6 Syllabus

Semester 7

   BPT Sem-7 Syllabus

Semester 8

   BPT Sem-8 Syllabus
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